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St. Paul’s Province


How do we understand ‘Organic System/Organisation? Organic – ‘relating to, derived from, or characteristic of living things’ An organic system is alive, ever changing and adapting, interdependent, unpredictable, resilient, sustaining […]



Estructuras congregacionales

Introducción : Elissa Las estructuras de la Congregación, vamos a ver a donde nos lleva este tema. Hemos hablado de estructuras orgánicas, las provincias se alentaron a adaptar sus estructuras […]

Congregational Structures

Elissa: we are going to talk about structures & to see where it leads us. We have been talking about structures since 2002. Provinces have been asked to adapt their […]

Fotos de nuestro viaje a la ciudad de Nueva York

Ayer, viajamos a la ciudad de Nueva York. Visitamos la catedral de St. Patrick, disfrutamos de un delicioso almuerzo en Brasil, Brasil, en el corazón del distrito de los teatros, […]

Photos from our Trip to New York City

Yesterday, we traveled to New York City. We visited St. Patrick’s Cathedral, enjoyed a delicious lunch at Brazil, Brazil in the heart of the theatre district, and enjoyed the sights and sound […]

Conversaciones para el Camino

Plegaria y Liturgia : Argentina/ Perú Comenzamos en el parque con la canción, oración Espíritu / Spirit ( ver anexo) , dinámica de ojos vendados. Compartimos: ¿Cómo nos sentimos? Lectura […]

Conversations on the Journey

Prayer : Our Lady of Guadalupe & Our Lady of Easter Song. Your Spirit Dynamic: Trust walk We come back to the Cross How did we feel? Reading. Romans8: 14-17 […]

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